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The ingredients used for freshly prepared salads are from carefully selected farms to guarantee freshness & quality.

We receive fresh deliveries every morning to ensure that our teams are always only using the freshest ingredients.

Every single ingredient is carefully checked and prepared by hand by our team – to ensure only the best will do!

Our salads come in 2 sizes (small and large) you can mix as many different ones as you like. Whilst the list below gives you a good idea of our range, we do add weekly specials to give you more variety.

  • Tricolore pasta salad with buffalo mozzarella, sun dried tomato, baby spinach, avocado, yellow tomatoes and pesto sauce
  • Beetroot, butternut squash, French goats cheese, rocket, baby spinach and walnuts with a tangy balsamic dressing
  • Chargrilled Halloumi, sun dried tomato, roasted yellow peppers, cucumber and red onion with homemade walnut vinaigrette
  • Moroccan spiced chicken, bulgur wheat, cos lettuce, feta, pomegranate, cashew nuts and Harissa dressing
  • Asian Quinoa salad with crunchy Chinese cabbage, chickpeas, diced celery and caramelised pineapple
  • Egg & Avocado Salad with diced peppers and crunchy lettuce in a lime, coriander and mint dressing
  • Greek Salad with fresh vine tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, black olives, Greek feta cheese with a Mediterranean vinaigrette
  • Summer Chicken salad with vine tomatoes diced yellow peppers, grated carrots, sliced cucumbers, crunchy lettuce with a French vinaigrette
  • Line Caught Tuna and Bean salad with chopped celery, diced yellow peppers, mixed green leaves, diced chillies, finely sliced onions with French vinaigrette
  • Grilled Thai beef salad with white cabbage, sliced red onions, tomatoes and broccoli in a lime, ginger soya dressing
  • Italian Mozzarella Salad with red vine tomatoes, spinach and mixed lettuce in a home made basil dressing


  • Not all ingredients are listed in the description.
  • Ingredients and combinations are likely to change seasonally.
  • Not all allergens are listed.
  • All salads may contain nuts or traces of nuts.